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SRSG-VAC Congratulates Government of Chile on Creation of 'Ombudsperson for Children'


The Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence Against Children (SRSG-VAC), Marta Santos Pais, congratulates the Government of Chile for enacting legislation on 22 January 2018 which created the new position of ‘Ombudsperson for Children’. 

This new legislation, the design and promotion of which was done in collaboration with SRSG-VAC Marta Santos Pais, marks a critically important milestone towards a world free from the fear of violence against children.  

The Ombudsperson for Children, the first in Chile, will be an autonomous, independent, legal body with broad responsibilities, including its role to: receive, facilitate and disseminate the opinion and views of children; receive complaints from children about violations of their rights; and, act as a facilitator and mediator between State bodies, private institutions and children.

Children should not be deprived of liberty and policies should be informed by their voices and experience


SRSG Santos Pais participated as a keynote speaker in the 11th European Forum on the Rights of the Child: Children deprived of their liberty and alternatives to detention, held in Brussels 7-8 November, where she stressed the importance of hearing the voices and recommendations of children when these challenging issues are considered.

"Children deprived of liberty are among the most forgotten and left behind in society and it is crucial to engage the support of all actors for their increased care and protection. Preventing and responding urgently to this serious and often neglected situation is a legal and human rights imperative; and it is critical for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals" the SRSG added.

In her statement at the Forum, SRSG Santos País pointed to the need to prevent the deprivation of liberty of children in the first place and focused on the special risks faced by girls. 

Ending violence against children: a shared commitment of faith communities across the world inspired by the voice of children


Panama City, 9 May 2017 – In her keynote speech to the 5th Forum of the Global Network of Religions for Children, devoted to the theme of ending violence against children, the SRSG welcomed the strong commitment of participants to use the special role of religions in society to help bring violence to an end. In her statement delivered at the opening of the Forum, the SRSG recalled that no religious teaching or tradition justifies any form of violence against children, a message that was echoed by leaders from across many faiths who spoke at the Forum, as well as the young representatives from the Children's Pre-forum Meeting.

SRSG VAC participates in Asia-Pacific Council for Juvenile Justice for ASEAN


SRSG Santos Pais participated in Bangkok, Thailand, in the second meeting of the Asia-Pacific Council for Juvenile Justice Subcommittee for ASEAN. Addressing juvenile justice priorities for the region, the meeting provided a momentous platform to brief governmental delegations from Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand on the UN Global Study on Children Deprived of their Liberty and to identify opportunities for the ASEAN region to support its important preparation.

Representante Especial Santos Pais organiza Seminario Internacional en Argentina sobre niñas, niños y adolescentes privados de libertad


Los días 19 y 20 de mayo se realizó en Buenos Aires Argentina el Seminario Internacional “Sistemas de Supervisión y Monitoreo de Condiciones de Privación de Libertad de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes en Conflicto con la Ley Penal”. Esta actividad fue co-organizada por UNICEF Argentina y la Oficina de la Representante Especial del Secretario General sobre Violencia contra los Niños y se enmarca como un aporte concreto al proceso de elaboración del Estudio Global sobre Niños Privados de Libertad encomendado por el Secretario General de Naciones Unidas.

SRSG Santos Pais participates in the launch of Nigeria's Violence against Children Survey

20/02/2016 - 25/02/2016
SRSG Santos Pais visits Abuja and Lagos to support the launch of the Government’s Violence against Children Survey and efforts to implement the Nigerian Year of Action to End Violence Against Children. She will hold discussions with senior officials of the Government of Nigeria and other key stakeholders on the importance of using data and research to shed light on the hidden face of violence and to implement evidence-based policies and campaigns to end violence against children.  

SRSG Santos Pais adds her voice to the Campaign to #ENDviolence against children with disabilities

SRSG Santos Pais adds her voice to the Campaign to #ENDviolence against children

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, SRSG Santos Pais calls for an end to violence against children with disabilities and adds her voice to the Campaign to #ENDViolence against Children with Disabilities.

There are at least 93 million children with disabilities around the world. Many are considered to be a cause of shame to their families and a curse and misfortune for their communities. The lives of children with disabilities can be surrounded by stigma, discrimination, cultural prejudices, ill-perceptions and shocking invisibility. In addition, children with disabilities are at dramatically heightened risk of violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation.

In spite of limited data and research, available studies reveal an alarming prevalence of violence against children with disabilities – from higher vulnerability to physical and emotional violence when they are young to greater risks of sexual violence as they reach puberty.

Special Representative Santos Pais welcomes the European Day against Sexual Violence

European Day on the Protection of Children against sexual exploitation and abuse

Marking the first European Day against Sexual Violence on 18 November, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children welcomed this important initiative by the Council of Europe. The European Day against Sexual Violence will help to raise public awareness of children's protection from sexual abuse and exploitation, while strengthening prevention initiatives and promoting the ratification and implementation of the Council's Lanzarote Convention. Special Representative Santos Pais commends the efforts of the Council of Europe, including through the ONE in FIVE Campaign which aims to achieve further ratification and implementation of the treaty.

SRSG meets Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel to discuss situation of children deprived of liberty and their reintegration in the community

SRSG meets Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel to discuss situation

During a three-day visit to Argentina, SRSG Santos Pais met with Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, 1980 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and President of the Association Peace and Justice Service. 

At the meeting, SRSG Santos Pais and Mr. Pérez Esquivel discussed the promotion of Human Rights and protection of children from violence, namely of children and young people involved with the criminal justice system in the Latin America Region.

SRSG launches new report on "Safeguarding the rights of girls in the criminal justice system - Preventing violence, stigmatization and deprivation of liberty"

SRSG launches new report on "Safeguarding the rights of girls in the criminal ju

In a high-level panel discussion, co-organized with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the Governments of Austria, Chile, Norway and Thailand, SRSG Santos Pais launched a new study on the critical role of criminal justice systems to prevent incidents of violence against girls, bring perpetrators to justice, and ensure recovery and social reintegration for victims.

Gender discrimination and gender-based violence remain pervasive, with long-lasting consequences on the lives of millions of girls. In society, in communities, in schools and in their homes, girls face specific vulnerabilities due to their gender and young age.