Toward a World Free from Violence - Global Survey on Violence against Children (booklet)

The Global Survey is the first comprehensive assessment of progress in preventing and eliminating violence against children since the groundbreaking 2006 UN Study on Violence against Children. The Global Survey was informed by national reports received from more than 100 governments, as well as inputs from regional organizations and institutions, the UN, civil society, children and young people. 
The Global Survey provides a strategic insight into how far the World has come in implementing the 12 recommendations of the UN Study to ensure children’s protection from violence and what still needs to be done to give every girl and boy the opportunity of enjoying a childhood free from violence. Across a number of settings, particularly in the home, on the streets, in schools, in the workplace, in detention centres and in institutions for the care of children, the understanding of how and why children are exposed to violence has deepened, and strategic actions are underway in a number of countries to translate this knowledge into effective protection. 
This Survey has found that more governments have advanced national implementation of child protection measures and are rallying support with partners through public campaigns to overcome social norms and attitudes condoning violence against children.